Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CUBE (1997)

This was the film that started it all for me.  I remember watching this when we were staying at my grandpas house when I was 18.  I was up late one night and this little gem popped up on the Syfy Channel.  I'm not sure how it happen but I was not able to watch the whole thing for some reason but I remember thinking, "Holy Shit this movie is awesome!" So years later I was able to figure out which movie I was watching and give it a proper viewing.

Synopsis:  7 Strangers wake up in the maze of rooms with hatches on every wall.  As they try to figure out who each other are and what they are doing there, they start dying as a result of the various traps in some of the rooms and eventually each other.  They have no food or water so this is especially rough as they slowly start to loose grip as they dehydrate and become paranoid.

What I would do: In this section I will write what I would have done if I had woke up in the shoes of the Characters.  I realizes this is a unfair advantage since I know more than the Characters but I will try to do my best to put things in perspective.  Also I will enter each scenario with my EDC (Every Day Carry) and the knowledge and skills I have(however few they may be).  If some characters don't carry lights with them every day or a cutting tool that's tough shit, I can't help what other people do.  That's why they die in these movies, they are normally stupid or unprepared.

So something or someone has drugged me and thrown me into a maze of rooms with 6 other people.  I have no knowledge of how I got there, who these other people are, or where I am.  I have no EDC because whoever put me in there has stripped me of everything, so the only thing I can use is what knowledge I have. With no water and no way to get water you are basically screwed.  It would only be a matter of time before I was going to die so I might as well die trying.  I would have gone with the group, throwing boots into the rooms just like they did but I would have been absolutely no help whatsoever at math problems.  There is only one thing I can say I would have done different.  Towards the end one character becomes hostile towards the others,  they manage to get the guy down and move on without him. Inevitably the bad guy resurfaces at the worst possible moment jeopardizing the entire escape.  After someone has already show themselves to be a active threat to your group its time to take him out.  Hitting him over the head would not have done for me, I would have finished him off with the shoelaces since that was the only real weapon they had.

Conclusion: I would have died.  What can I say, I suck at math and I'm always game to be the first to try something dangerous.  I probably would have been killed by one of the traps before everyone else even broke a sweat.  Watch the movie, I bet you would have died to.

Why the hell do I need a blog about Survival Films?

  Well the short answer is that I don't need a blog about survival films, but what I do need is a place where I can store a collection of my favorite survival  type films.   These are not just survival films of people lost in the woods, this could be any film where the Characters find themselves in a survival situation or a fight for there lives.  I have always fancied myself good at picking out movies even though my wife would surly disagree. So if you are bored as hell and are looking for a good movie I have plenty of suggestions to keep you entertained on your day off. 

Oh and as a side note:  my grammar is not as good as my movie choices.